Twenty years in the making!

A book written from the heart.

The Tail of the Order of the Blue Maiden is a medieval adventure story with a science-fiction twist. Follow the cunning sorceress Mieu Notra as she performs powerful magic by playing her lyre. Thrill as the lowly servant, Ayan the Tail-less, breaks the rules and disobeys his master. Laugh as the worldly Jon Cabal trades barbs with the peculiar scholar, Earon Deacon. Get swept up in the adventure!

Lord Xerus has arrived!

Ayan, Mieu, Earon, and Jon have a new ally on earth. Well, maybe "ally" isn't the best word to describe Lord Xerus... he's more like a loose acquaintance. But he periodically makes appearances in the human realm in order to spread the word about The Tail.

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