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Ayan sleeps in a cauldron after a hard day's work.




I know, I know...

It's been forever and a day. Well, five years to be exact. I have been busy. You might have seen the final Episode of "Workaholics." Farewell my sweet princes! It's with a heavy that I bade that show, my second home for six years, adieu. On the upside, yours truly became a full-fledged editor on a new show called "H8ters"! It stars Youtube stars Kian & J.C. I'm ever-so-pleased to have been able to contribute creatively to that incredibly funny show which will air on Fullscreen.

Now, that's not to say that The Tail has gone by the wayside. Not at all! In fact, the second draft is now complete and weighs in at a hefty 309,900 words and 69 chapters! This thing is nearly ready to go to market. First, I have to decide whether of not to include illustrations in the book. The illustration process may take up to a year, so I'm considering adding illustrations in another edition of the book. Let us know what you think by posting to our facebook page: or on Twitter: @TheTailStories. We'd also like to hear where you'd like to buy you copy of The Tail.

Personally, I cannot wait! Thank you for your patience while I go through the final steps of publishing my first novel!

See you soon!



Hello again!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I just wanted to let you all know that the reason this site went quiet was because it’s author, yours truly, went to work as an assistant editor for a couple of your favorite T.V. Shows! I’ve spent a wonderful year working on Comedy Central’s “Workaholics” seasons 2 & 3, as well as “Key & Peele” season 1. Don’t beleive me? Take a look at my IMDb page. Weeeee!

Anywho, I just wanted to let you know that “The Tail” is far, far from dead. In fact I’ve bumped up production on the written novel, which currently weighs in at 90,000 words. (And I’m only a quarter of the way through!) The written novel is key, because that’s the first step in creating everything else. I’ve got some time off now, so rest assured, there will be new pages up within the month.

I cannot wait to share everything in store with y’all. In the mean time, be sure to watch “Workaholics” and “Key & Peele” on Comedy Central. They are very funny.




Instead of the usual page this time around, I’m putting up the illustration that I’ve been working on since my last update. I figured it’s only fair. You get an eyeful of something new for coming back to the site, and I get to show of the fruits of my labor. The illustration is a commission for my nephew Kris. It’s a poster for his band, Eyes of Aurora. They’re a hip new death metal band from the Inland Empire. I’m still waiting for my nephew to get back to me with their band’s logo, but here is the naked version. Check it out, check them out, rock out.

Other exciting news: I might be published on I’ve been listening to this radio show called Chatterbox. It’s a great show. It’s all about video games. Well, sort of. It’s really more of an aesthetic critique of life that uses video games as a backdrop. It’s interesting. I like it. In any case, one day, Ara, one of the hosts, made the comment that video games can be used as tools for self improvement. I wrote in to weigh in on my own opinion on that matter. Alon, the other host, wrote me back and asked if I was interested in having the email published on their affiliated site. I’m thrilled about it. I would have been happy if they only mentioned my email on their show. Be sure to check out Golgotron and Chatterbox.

As always, I’ll keep plugging away. Until next time.





Hello everyone,

I realize It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve updated the site. I’ve been hard at work, as always. Only this time it’s on a project unrelated to the The Tail. Rather, it’s an illustration for “The Eyes of Aurora,” my nephew’s band. I promise to share it with you when it’s done. I’ve also taken some time to work on the novel version of “The Tail.” I often get so frustrated because I’m having such a great time writing the book and I wish I could write it faster. Also, I wish I could draw faster still. I am my own worst enemy, as they say.

Today’s blog post is about something else. Because of my freelance lifestyle, I constantly have to bee on the lookout for new jobs. Last week I responded to an ad by a graphic novel writer looking for an artist to collaborate with. Wanting to learn more, I wrote to this person, submitting this site, as well as “Retail Gods,” and the previous version of “The Tail,” “The Vagrant Song” as samples. An hour or so later I got one of the most jarring responses I have ever gotten.

“I’m sorry, but I have no interest in working with furries.”

Okay, there are a few things I will admit. First is that, at first glance, “The Tail” looks to be all about furries. A large part of my readership, will probably consist of furry fans. There is nothing wrong with that. However, part of my efforts, nay, my mission, is to create a story that transcends such a label. That is, when I started, I didn’t think of “The Tail” as being strictly about furries. How can I explain it in a way that makes sense? It’s as though I made a comic that featured black people, and yet, the comic was not strictly about the “black experience.” In other words, though the comic will be comprised primarily of furries, at some point, I may deviate from that. In fact, if you read the five pages I have up right now, minus the cover, furries have yet to make an appearance. That is why I took such issue with the writer’s comment. That, and the fact that I had also sent him a link to “Retail Gods,” a very non-furry comic book, and he didn't even take the time to look at it.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to work with furries. As a creator, that’s his prerogative. And it’s not even the fact that he dislikes furry artwork that bothered me either. What bothered me was that took one look at the first sample I sent him and assumed that that’s how I was going to interpret his text if we worked together. It irked me that he assumed that that was all I could do. So, I wrote back and did my best to explain to him between quality and content. I told him that content is something that is largely irrelevant to a skilled artist, and urged him to evaluate the quality of my work. We had a back and forth in which he more or less admitted that he started on the wrong foot, and asked for some more samples, and I directed him towards “Retail Gods.” All well and fine. I don’t expect he will contact me again, and I’m okay with that because all I really wanted was some information, and I don’t want to work on something new on spec, which was probably going to be the case.

However, it was a wake-up call about how the public outside of the furry community is likely to respond to “The Tail.” In one of his emails, the writer referred to “The Tail” as “questionable.” I will admit that “furry” can be and often is inherently associated with graphic sexuality, with alternative lifestyles very well-represented. In one of the furry communities I belong to, I have even witnessed conversations where bestiality is openly discussed. While I don’t have a problem with that per se, (people deserve a place to express their sexuality openly and without fear of reprisal, no matter how alternative,) I suddenly find myself facing a dilemma. If you read the pages of “The Tail” that have been posted, you will not find anything sexual. You’re not likely to see anything that is overtly sexual for the foreseeable future. There is a bit of blood, and there will be some violence. However, so far, nothing that you can’t also see in the movie “Sucker Punch.” And yet from this writer, a fellow practitioner of comic creation, I have received a back-handed slap of automatic contempt.

Personally, I feel that, whether it’s super heroes, aliens, robots, a western, noir, renaissance, medieval, furry, who cares… what difference does it make so long as the person doing the work puts their heart and soul into it. Picking an artist should only be about that artists abilities… not their content. The content can always change. However, I can sort of understand the writer’s reaction. He explained that the artists he’d heard from who were into furry weren’t able to draw people correctly. That is a legitimate issue. I’m certain that there is just as much flakery and hackery in the furry world as there is anyplace else. Maybe more. I guess that it bothered me to be lumped in with all of the flakes and the hacks. But wait a minute, there are also a lot of really brilliant artists in the furry world as well! So what gives?

So, going forward I want to tell everyone that “The Tail,” while it proudly features furry characters, isn’t just about being furry. The story itself is about so much more. But I guess it’s up to me to prove it. I hope that you’ll give me the chance.









Ten-thousand apologies for taking sooooooo long to put up another page! See, I was working a spectacularly wonderful job as an assistant editor on a pilot for Comedy Central. I can’t talk about the details, but I can say I had tons of fun and I absolutely loved it. The only bad thing was that I was unable to keep the pace on my comic. But now that that’s done, you should be getting more pages zippidy-doo.

As it happens, I am also working on a novel form of “The Tail.” In fact, I’m farther ahead in writing the novel than in the drawing the comics. For me I feel as though that necessary. Somehow writing affords me the freedom to construct the story before committing to a matching image. I have to admit, it’s tough going back and forth between book and comic. I confess that even though I am only three pages in, I have already gone back and altered the text to match the comic. However, due to the ephemeral nature of the prologue, it’s been particularly difficult to develop in a concrete way. Going back and forth between image and word has really helped me. Later, in the “real world” setting with the main characters, thing will firm up considerably, I promise. Crating a meaningful plot with vague archetypes and universal symbols is like trying to build a palace with soup.

In any case, as I write, I often wonder why I can’t change the background of color of my word processor to black, or at least some other color than eye-melting, brain-zapping, though-scorching, staring into the sun-white. So I did some research. There are actually some great word-processing alternatives to Word out there! I never knew! I though I was always doomed to stare at a soulless, mind-numbing void when I type, but no longer. Bye Word. You’ve been an able helper throughout the years of school reports and “professional” whatever. So what if I want to type in a ridiculous, decorative fonts where the I’s are dotted with stars. Maybe I want my letters to be written in Olde English lettering on parchment. I should be able to recreate Doogie Houser’s introspective journal writing scenes if I damn well please.

Enter Scrivener. It’s a great word processor that lets you create all kinds of zany word processor scenarios. Actually, it’s not really for that - it’s for writing novels. It has excellent organizational tools for breaking down sections of text. Now, it’s not page layout program that is geared towards creating documents for print… it is specifically a program for writing that lets you tailor your writing environment. So if you actually want to print a designed page… try InDesign or Quark. Anyway, it’s a great program that Instantly fell in love with. There are other great programs out there, like Write Room. But for me, from now on my books and blogs will be written in the coolest way possible: on Scrivener!





As I was dashing out the door today to run one of my mundane errands, I received an email that gave me, (wait for incredibly terrible pun…) “PAWS”.  The message was almost entirely blank except for a link.  The subject line read rather cryptically, “Thought you would like to see.”  And truthfully I did.  It was an article on Furry News Network.  Needles to say, seeing that article made my day.  It made me so happy that somebody noticed my little site.  Tune in to Furry News Network for more fur-related news.  I know I will!





Wonderful news!  Not only is the latest page of The Tail up, but now The Tail has a presence on Facebook, and on FurNation.  Follow the links to check out these pages. 

FurNation is a great site for those who enjoy furry culture.  There are lots of friendly and open-minded people there.  If you join, you’ll find lots of fellow furries to chat with, befriend, and exchange artwork with. But be advised, this site is not for children under 17. There is an age limit to join, and for good reason. Relationships and sexuality are frequently discussed in this community.

If you’re not into furry culture, then check out our Facebook page.   In the future, I will be posting new, unique artwork on both of these sites; pics that you might not even see on this site!  I look forward to running into you in one of these communities.  Thanks for coming!





Unbelievable!  After years of planning, and tons of work, is finally up and running.  Welcome one and all to “The Tail,” a wonderful fantasy that explores everything from fantastical fighting, magic monsters, and secret treasure, to friendship, rivalry, and the awkwardness of growing up.  It even touches on themes of the universe, economic iniquity, gender issues, and religion.  Yeah, it might get political… but my goal is to never preach about those things, merely to lay bare the bones of the interaction between characters that clash on many fronts.  In other words, to tell a story.

For those of you who become fans of the story, (fingers crossed,) I plan to have all sorts of perks.  From free, downloadable posters and desktop art, to collectibles and apparel that you can buy right from this site!

It’s been a long journey.  Those of you familiar with my work remember some of my other comics, like “Retail Gods.”  One day, I’ll pick that up again, I swear.  “The Tail” actually used to be “The Vagrant Song.”  It’s received an overhaul and a rewrite, and here it is.

I hope you’ll stay and enjoy the story as I craft and perfect it.  There’s a long road ahead.




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