Augho and the Tree of Life

The Tail is a multifaceted story that spans many centuries and generations. Many side stories were developed during it’s development. Augho and the Tree of Life is the story of the creation of the “Greater Evil,” a character that embodied evil and was meant to serve as an arch-nemesis to the protagonists. While this nebulous character was eventually abandoned in favor of Griol, this unfinished comic was intended to explain his origin. This is also where the concept of “no-tails” was first introduced to the story. In the world of the Lorimerillians, to have no tail was to be cut off from the source of magic.

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The wizard Vell Lomaik, patriarch of the Lorimerillians has become dissatisfied with simply being the leader of the wisest and most powerful of all civilizations on Roan.  The conquest of all of the worlds other mighty lands no longer holds his interest.  His ambition drives him to achieve something greater, to perform the darkest of all magic: to cheat death itself.  And he will do it at any cost, even if it means selling his soul to an upstart God obsessed with war.  However, in all of his scheming and machinations, Lomaik never took one thing into consideration: Augho his tail-less younger sibling.  Unable to perform magic, and practically held prisoner for his entire life, the brother that Lomaik regards as subhuman must somehow find a way to stop his older brother from performing the forbidden spell which threatens to destroy the sacred tree of life.


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