Order of the Blue Maiden – Paperback


TWENTY YEARS in the Making! Join Ayan, Son of the Brewer, Mieu Notra, Jon Cabal, and Earon Deacon on this high-tailing adventure as they settle disputes between nobles, cavort with brigands, ride giant frogs and birds across vast wilderness, do battle with ruthless slavers led by a titanic werewolf, discover a magical, wish-granting castle, and even have a dance-off with musical pirate ghosts!

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Mieu Notra is sorceress from a faraway land on a quest to free her god from captivity. When Mieu’s grandmother imprisons her and forces her to marry her worst enemy, Mieu uses her powers and wits to break free and absconds with the Seventh Day Bandits, a band of thieves that strike when most decent people are at church.
Ayan the Tail-less is a lowly servant, desperate to prove himself worthy of knighthood. When his menacing god, Griol, appears and offers him a quest with the maiden’s heart as a reward, he jumps at the opportunity. But rather than playing the hero, Ayan soon discovers that Mieu has no need nor desire for his help.
Both Ayan and Mieu are thrust into a series of difficult dilemmas that put them at odds with family, country, religion, and each other. Their loyalties to their respective gods are stretched to the limit as they join forces to fight a deadly, common foe.

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