The Tail of the Stolen God SNEAK PEEK

This comic was created when The Tail was originally expressed as a web comic. This story segment was meant to be the prologue of The Tail of the Order of the Blue Maiden. However, when it was decided that Mieu’s story, The Tail of the Stolen God would be first in the series chronologically, this framing narrative was moved to be its prologue instead. So what you are seeing is the first scene of Stolen God.

In the original version, this event is triggered by Vell Lomaik’s attempt to achieve immortality. However, later it is revealed that Griol manipulated the wizard to do his own bidding, making Griol ultimately responsible for damaging the Tree of Life.

Though the web comic was abandoned in favor of the novels, this snippet shows the event that sets the whole story into motion.

Use your ARROW KEYS to navigate back and forth between pages.


It’s Death’s job to see all things, past, present, and future. It’s Death’s duty to see until the end of time and know all – so imagine his surprise when he Griol, the ambitious god of war blocks his view, shreds the pages of the Book of Life, and tears a hole in the fabric of the universe. The heavens erupt into chaos when Griol makes his move.


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