The Story of The Tail
Some 27 odd years ago,

a young Al Romero sat down to watch the Disney Afternoon, his favorite block of after school cartoons. He created a character named Alberto Rodánte in order to play along with his favorite shows.

That was me. Hi! I'm Al Romero. This site and everything on it is the product of my imagination. I show it to you with great pride. It has taken over twenty years to complete my first book, The Tail of the Order of the Blue Maiden. It has been a labor of love.

The Tail is a medieval fantasy epic with a light science fiction twist. It's about Mieu Notra, a young, but powerful sorceress who goes on adventure to rescue her captured god. It's also About Ayan, Son of the Brewer, (or Brewerson, for short,) a lowly servant who breaks the rules in order to follow fortune, glory, and above all, love.

Over time,

this youthful fan fiction evolved into something much greater. Wanting to create something original, I eventually left my firsts attempts behind and created completely new characters, new settings, all the while, drawing from my own life to illustrate this new and rich world.

Many of the characters in the tale are inspired by people I know it area life. Scenes, like the one above, are inspired by dreams I've had. When I started writing, I spoke in the broadest terms about the themes I wanted to address: good and evil, the earthly and the devine. However it wasn't until I filled the spaces between these concepts with the details of actual, human relationships did the story make any real sense.

What had started as a childhood meditation on the nature of the universe evolved into a multi-generational epic, with many facets and side stories.
Medieval setting, modern story
Turning old tropes on their ear

One of my goals from the beginning was to reverse frequently used story conventions. Chief amongst these was the premise that God and his angels are good. Ive never really seen a movie or read a book that challenged this notion, so I wanted to write one.

However, one trope that I admittedly had trouble turning around was the "damsel in distress." When I started writing the chapters that center on Mieu, the main female protagonist, I realized that I had neglected her story. Luckily, like a true strong female, she began to act of her own free will, and the story grew in dimensions that I had never thought of. When this happened, I realized that Mieu is a force to be reckoned with. Her quest is the one that sets the story into motion. Most importantly, I realized that she deserved her own book.

Be on the lookout for this prequel: THE TAIL of the STOLEN GOD. Read a sneak peak of this story right here on the!